Accelerated Aging? Chronic Pain? It is NOT Bad Genes, Bad Germs or Bad Luck!

The mouth seems to be the epicenter of a growing inventory of inflammatory diseases.[1] Reverberations can be subtle or catastrophic – and sometimes hard to pin down. They go far beyond what most people know.[2] Simple solutions for better life quality exist and are more effective, economical, and less invasive than traditional medical answers. You owe it to yourself and your children – to know more, then do better.
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The Three-Legged Stool of Oral/General Health

Mouth Matters offers insight into astonishingly simple, yet inexpensive solutions for vibrant health most people haven’t considered.You deserve to know about breakthroughs that could significantly improve your physical and financial health while leading to far less time in your physician’s or dentist’s offices. I want to help you learn about these solutions, plus dental innovations from which you and your family can benefit.

  1. Diet and lifestyle form one leg. In her book, Mouth Matters, Carol thoroughly covers what is known about connections between oral health and general health.*
  2. Correct oral posture and breathing from birth form a second. You can follow a strict “alkalizing diet” and drink alkaline water exclusively, but your body won’t operate anywhere near optimally unless these postures are habit. Videos and articles below offer help! If you snore or have apnea, you must read this!**
  3. The last leg involves choices you make when you seek dental care. [Hint: Less Drilling Feels Great!] Price and speed are poor criteria for choosing care. Poorly advertised advances Carol introduces could turn dentistry on its head and significantly reduce the need for all specialties of dentistry by perhaps 80% within a generation or two.  The Avoiding the $6100.00 Death Spiral and BioLOGICAL videos below introduce alternative criteria and touch on some of the topics covered in Mouth Matters.***

*1. Diet and Lifestyle

Do not accept the “disease care”/rescue system we call “health” care. Though many do, its symptom-driven, simplistic approach will never meaningfully “cure” cancers or subdue the inflammation-driven diseases plaguing us. Your body is incredibly resilient. It evolved to mend and remodel itself. Once you know how to “work its switches” – provide the essential nutrients and remove blocks to health – the body can usually heal itself. Restoring health from the inside out is the heart of true medicine. Mouth Matters and this site aim to give you information, tools and resources to understand the relationship between your oral health and physical well-being in your quest for optimal health and wellness. Happy exploring!

**2. Correct Oral Posture From Birth: Facial Meltdown Birth to Death and How It Affects Your Overall Health

With your guidance your child has control over the airway he or she develops. Image Courtesy of Dr. Gelb

With your guidance your child has control over the airway he or she develops. Image Courtesy of Dr. Gelb

It’s All About Your Airway! What could matter more than developing a great airway for delivering whole body health? After all, it’s a primary objective of the ABCs of CPR rescue. (Establish an Airway, rescue Breath, restore Circulation.) The performance order has changed, but there is no getting around the fact that breathing is essential.

My blog Fragmented Sleep and Brain Death explains a few reasons some suffer from low testosterone, memory loss, depression, anxiousness, diabetes and weight gain, then moves on to solutions.

Developing an airway is most successful when started young so head and neck muscles can truly structure the entire face correctly, thus provide more room for the tongue and sinuses, but is it too late for adults to improve their airways? A recent review of research literature shows myofunctional therapy for those whose tongues block their airway during sleep can reduce these choking events by approximately 50% in adults and 62% in children and that lowest blood oxygen saturations, snoring, and sleepiness outcomes improve in adults. The analysis of the studies concluded that myofunctional therapy could be a great adjunct for other obstructive sleep apnea treatments.

What is Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy? The Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional therapy defines it as the neuro-muscular re-education of oral facial muscles through a series of exercises, which assist in the normalization of the developing or developed, craniofacial structures and function. Therapy is behavioral modification to eliminate dysfunctional habits. It works with the muscles of the lips, tongue, cheeks and face and their related functions such as breathing, sucking, chewing, swallowing and speech as well as the rest position of the tongue and cheeks. Therapy forms, balances, and stabilizes, the mouth, jaws and their associated structures as well as systems of the skull.

If you think you ace the three critical oral postures I promote in the article Facial Meltdown, I thought I did too until long after I’d researched and written this material. That is, until I became more aware. So I know it is hard to grasp one’s need for myofunctional therapy as part of a collaborative approach.[3] If you want a faster learning curve than I had about the possibilities you might need help, check out this Questionnaire – Do I Need Myofunctional Therapy?  and the following associated video that illustrates some of the questions and analysis techniques:

Your Mouth Matters! Myofunctional Therapy Companion Guide:

Self-empowerment is a winner for everyone! Whether to help guide your child to attain the forward facial growth he deserves or to increase your own airway space, ease snoring or jaw joint problems, or to sculpt and tone head and neck muscles, you begin your journey of metamorphosis as I guide you through two weeks of jaw stabilization exercises and 16 weeks of intensive therapy designed to re-pattern face, head, and neck muscles and learn to swallow correctly. You will strengthen, tone and stretch some muscle groups while diminishing others. Check your progress with proficiency tests along the way. Finish your therapy with the tips given to ingrain these new muscle memories into both daytime and nighttime hours. This journey will likely surprise you as you reap benefits. [Click on the title or trailer of the above self-help video to access a year's rental – more than enough time to complete the self-paced, life-changing activities. Twenty minute introduction plus nine sessions review 125 brief activities plus "tests" and bonus segments. Advance to a new 8 minute segment every other week!]

Bonus segments cover pill-swallowing plus head and neck stretches to ease shoulder and neck pain associated with Forward Head Posture. A final bonus covers two weeks of post-frenum release therapy, also available separately.

Make sure you read Facial Meltdown Birth to Death and How It Affects Your Overall Health to learn how the above Companion Video helps you attain the health you deserve. [Click here for a few studies regarding children and apnea.] Use the video-embedded password to download and print helpful Myofunctional Therapy Companion Video Charts and Word Lists to track your progress. An optional Myofunctional Therapy Activities Kit is also available.

Tongue Tied?

A tongue-tie leads to compromised general health and poor myofunctional therapy results. To learn if a tongue-tie may have affected your oral posture therefore facial and airway development, and the opportunity to access critical post-release exercises, click on the title of this trailer: Maximize Your Motion! Making the Most of Your Frenum Release!  Keep in mind frenums are vestigial embryonic tissue with almost no blood vessels or nerves. Also make sure you have ozonated oil on hand to help heal and reduce any discomfort. [Tongue-Tie-Release_TX]

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to assess and release tongue ties in newborns for proper latching and muscle, thus facial development for newborns. If you must supplement breast-feeding with bottle feeding, this article on supportive bottle-feeding offers excellent tips. The suggestion to hold a child almost vertically is important and not well-known. This article does not mention that more important than the type of nipple used, is one with a slow flow rate.

 Image courtesy of Dr. Gelb

Image courtesy of Dr. Gelb

Can Children Have Sleep Apnea?

Yes! And it affects more than their facial development and general health – it affects IQ and behaviors. WAKE UP: The Problems of a Sleepy Child; The Silent Airway Problem. Watch this incredible story in the video below and see how sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep issues can affect even a child. Of course you can read more in Mouth Matters, my blog Facial Meltdown – Birth to Death – and How It Affects Your Overall Health.

***3. Choices You Make for Professional Care

See how revolutionary dentistry can impact your smile, health, and financial resources in Carol Vander Stoep’s: Avoiding the $6100.00 Death SpiralIn this video, she shows you how minimally invasive preventive dentistry, biomimetic dentistry, and ozone therapy can benefit you:

Help Carol Advocate for Change!

Carol Vander Stoep’s decade of in-depth research into how oral conditions impact functional health has led to increasing world interest in various facets of her work. For instance, a number of dentists in India, intrigued by her 2012 interview with Dr. Mercola, would like to institute air abrasion/ozone and “biological” dentistry into their practices and make it more widely available there. Because dental visits cost the equivalent of $5.00-15.00 U.S. dollars, the economics of a requested training/book tour visit is not yet feasible. Please donate if you would like to help Carol continue her advocacy work to finance travel, both to India and within the United States to advocate for desperately needed change. She continues to refuse corporate sponsorship for her work in order to remain neutral and funds her work largely via her dental hygiene salary. All donations will help fund her work. Thank you!


Dentistry is one of the most invasive, material and surgically-oriented disciplines in health care. Biological dentists know all choices affect biological systems. They try to use the latest technology, techniques, and least hazardous materials to protect everyone involved. This Introduction to BioLOGICAL Dentistry  video, released in tandem with Avoiding the $6100.00 Death Spiral, outlines a few concerns biological dentists address.

Oral Biofilm Formation

Though Mouth Matters discusses biofilms, commonly called plaque, not everyone has had the opportunity to see their formation under a microscope. The following time-lapse video should help motivate people to manage their health, thus influence biofilm formation.

Biofilm Growth Over 8 Hour Time Period
It isn’t individual oral microbes we should worry about. It is when they coalesce into biofilms on teeth that they become a concern. Dental plaques are half microbes, half protective slimy matrix. Within them bacteria become social, learn to work together, protect each other, and act in ways never imagined in the name of group survival. The bacteria share nutrients and defenses to protect and feed the community’s interior. At this stage, they are impenetrable and therefore resistant to detergents, antibiotics, and the body’s defenses. This is one reason ozone needs to play a bigger role in oral prevention and repair.

You are key to the change you want to see. You can bemoan the role moneyed interests play in healthcare delivery around the world, or you can take charge and ask for more when your personal efforts are not enough. It is likely you will have to seek it from a variety of knowledgeable practitioners working collaboratively for your benefit. It may well involve travel to seek more enlightened and trained practitioners.

[1] Problems linked to inflammation-based oral conditions include chronic heart disease (CVD), stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, pregnancy complications and meningitis. Oral conditions also influence autoimmune disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) and lupus; neurological problems such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s; and “enigmatic” illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue (CFS) and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).
[2] Periodontal (gum) disease and caries (cavities) are the first and most obvious signs of a body in trouble. These proverbial “canaries in a coal mine” warn of rampant, chronic inflammation throughout the whole body. Would you still ignore your bleeding gums if you knew you might be losing your eyesight, kidney function, or the ability to have a strong sexual response as well?
[3] This could include osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, functional orthodontics, sleep dentistry, and/or ENT care.