Mouth Matters: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Don’t Ever Take Yourself Out of the Game!

Is anxiety-free, drill-free dentistry that supports your overall health too much to ask for?

Book cover for Mouth Matters by Carol Vander Stoep, RDH

472 pp., paperback, illustrated

Many dental professionals have abandoned their drills and the piecemeal approach of conventional dentistry. They know gum disease and cavities are the first and most obvious symptoms of a body in trouble. They help patients restore their health by acting on the principles described in Carol Vander Stoep’s Mouth Matters.

This friendly, informative journey through the oral/systemic health connection will show you how to heal from the inside out.

Learn how to:

  • Keep your mental and physical flags flying – from the boardroom to the bedroom.
  • Help your child grow the most attractive face possible – and avoid future serious breathing problems that threaten health and longevity.
  • Reverse much of the oral and general health damage brought about by lifestyle.
  • Prevent cavities and gum disease.
  • Find dentists who, when prevention fails, will “fix it right the first time” – and do it with biologically compatible techniques and materials.


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