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Carol Vander Stoep is a popular speaker with both general and professional audiences on a wide array of subjects concerning connections between oral and general health. Through more than three decades of clinical experience as a dental hygienist, Carol came to understand how oral hygiene’s marginal position in dentistry – and dentistry’s marginal position in preventive medicine – has kept us from understanding and appreciating the role oral care and orofacial development should play in our daily lives.

Too few realize that the consequences of neglect go beyond teeth and gums, sweet breath and winning smiles. The mouth is the most exposed gateway to our bodies. What goes on within it or passes through it can have profound implications elsewhere.

Carol’s crisp descriptions of physiology, biology and human health science never fail to motivate her audiences to take specific steps to “change their terrain” in ways they never before knew they should or could – to make their bodies inhospitable to disease.

Popular Presentation Topics

Restore Your Terrain; Growing Old Vibrantly I and II. 3/6 hours. The backbone of Mouth Matters explains oral/systemic medicine and the web of inflammatory diseases. Restore Your Terrain is an overview. For dental professionals, this presentation turns the science into powerful lines I use to help motivate my clients to change certain aspects of their lifestyles, thus the outcome of their periodontal and other inflammatory diseases as well as a possible tendency towards tooth decay. Certainly I talk about how periodontal pathogens change inflammatory pathways and trash blood vessel walls, but the key is not just the focal solution of good home care, but addressing root causes working backwards from lifestyle – identifying what makes a person’s body terrain hospitable to pathogens in the first place. This presentation fits squarely within Functional/Integrative medicine models.

 I.  Morning session:

  • Beyond periodontal disease, what lifestyle habits damage blood vessel walls and make blood prothrombic? Eleven factors and a few lab tests to consider.
  • Introduction to spirochetes – one reason among many to consider ozone
  • Overview of pathogen’s impacts on cardiovascular disease including stroke, diabetes, hormones, and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis has an inflammatory component
  • Review 12 strategies to change a body’s terrain including:

– 18 ways sugars unbalance health plus means to overcome sugar addictions via neurotransmitter  manipulation.

– Good vs. bad fats. Updated information about excellent fats is slowly making inroads into the mass media, but too slowly. Popular media outlets, where most people get their information, are slow to change what has been accepted for decades.

– Enzymes, etc.

II. Restore Your Terrain can be expanded to cover an afternoon session. This choice would elaboration on:

  • Minerals
  • Enzymes
  • Immune system boosting strategies
  • Systemic pH (the key to everything!)
  • Apnea and 14 ways it influences health. Heading it off early plus strategies.


Maximize Your Child’s Beauty Potential – While Maximizing health! 3 hours.

  • Orofacial development via oral posture
  • Screening for myofunctional therapy needs from an early age
  • Screening for apnea
  • Sleep studies
  • Why CO2 is critical to health; how to change the oxygen/carbon dioxide ratio
  • Upside down breathing and introduction to Buteyko breathing
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Myofunctional therapy – what and why plus exercises to try.

Dr. Mercola mentioned to me that the frenum release, myofunctional therapy, and especially the breathing skills I recommended after my interview with him has had the most powerful health benefits he has received in a long time. Because he actively pursues health more than most, it is great verification of its independent value! He has spun off many programs as a result of our interview.


Creative Destruction: Minimally Invasive/Biomimetic Dentistry. 3 hours. An elaboration of Chapter 13 and material I introduced during my interview with Dr. Mercola.

  • Early, correct, repeatable diagnosis using adjuncts such as air abrasion and the Diagnodent or Acteon is essential to a tooth’s integrity and  thus, longevity.
  • How stresses pass through teeth
  • Filling design
  • C-Factor
  • Reliable bonding
  • Importance of clean air/clean water to bonding strength

In the early stages of the continuum, the technology is practically foolproof. It is what a few associated dental professionals are taking to other countries as we develop a program of “barefoot hygienists and dentists”. I’d like to see it practiced here to meet burgeoning dental needs, once organized dentistry realizes technology has changed what is possible and what would best serve the public’s interest. I introduce various programs where hygienists and dentists can receive hands on training, such as in Belize. I will soon need hygienists who want to learn/teach this in other countries and eventually in the U.S.

All presentations are customized and include information that may not resonate with everyone’s philosophy, but introduce ways of thinking larger and larger segments of the general public expect dentists to respect and be able to discuss in terms of “biological” dentistry. If you disagree, it will give you a starting point for how you want to respond to these concerns when they arise with your clients.

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